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I would like to thank the American Diversity Group, especially Mr. Mayur Mody for providing my son Sahil opportunities for serving our communities through food drives and health/vaccine clinics during COVID-19. It broadened his perspective about the challenges faced by many members of our community, and he learned how to provide some solutions for the same. Through ADG, he was also able to shadow doctors like Dr. Thacker and get invaluable insights into the practice of medicine. Additionally, he was able to discuss these meaningful experiences during his college applications and I am sure it has positively impacted his application. I am happy to share that he has been accepted by Cornell University! Thanks again for providing students with the chance to serve the community and also grooming them for their their future in college and beyond! He looks forward to volunteering with ADG in the future too!

-Asma Siddiqi

ADG is an excellent organization for school and college students to boost their resumes which helps them stand out amongst other equally qualified candidates. The students gain real-world experience and develop skills like leadership, problem-solving and time-management while engaging in community service. Besides, they get plenty of opportunities to collaborate with professionals in many fields and get guidance, career advice and establish networking.

-Mahesh Ochaney

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