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BY Shauneen Miranda

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The American Diversity Group and other organizations united to host a food distribution on Saturday, June 6 in Silver Spring. 

The food distribution took place at Aastha Adult Medical Day Care from 10 a.m. to noon. 

The center was located at 12210 Plum Orchard Drive Suite 214, Silver Spring.

In order to practice social distancing in the midst of COVID-19, individuals could drive to the site, open up their trunk and allow volunteers to distribute food to them. 

Individuals did not need to prove their level of need before receiving food.

“We never question their income or anything,” said Mayur Mody, founding board member of the American Diversity Group, an initiative striving to build healthy communities. 

“People will not lie for the food,” Mody said. 

The food distribution originally began in Howard County, but the American Diversity Group recently shifted efforts to Montgomery County, a community they saw in need. 

People can get involved with the American Diversity Group by volunteering or donating. 

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