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American Diversity Group in partnership with the Mobile Dental Dentist conducted an oral health fair

We had three dentists and two dental vans providing services for uninsured population. We found out that the greatest barriers to oral healthcare are the most vulnerable community members. At the dental fair, we had the essential workers came to get treatment. To mention a few, we had hotel workers, cashiers, shuttle van drivers, gas station workers, home health assistants and nannies.

At the core of the American Diversity Group is to reach out to vulnerable community members and find solutions to improve the healthcare delivery system. Based on the partnership with the Health Initiative Foundation, we were connected with Mobile Dentist.

Dr. Robert Mantoni, who is the founder of the Mobile Dentist, has spent the last 35 plus years assembling one of the most clinically competent and ethical groups of dental professionals are in the Montgomery Country. In 1978, he graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and he opened his practice in the County.

For Dr. Mantoni, the dental health fair was an eye opener. He had experienced similar situation a couple of years ago in Haiti. He went with his staff to serve for victims of the earthquake. He brought his dental chairs, his equipment’s and supplies. Rented a boat and ventured to the neediest area of the County.

According to Dr. Mantoni, “ It was an amazing life changing experience. My life and that of my staff had changed forever.”

Because of the COVID-19, the current situation, he mentioned that everything turned upside down. He said, “In comparison here today due to COVID, economic devastation, we have similar situation here. Lack of food, dental, and lack of medical care.”

Dental infection due to lack of dental care, lead some of the residents to use pliers to remove their teeth. We had seen chunk of teeth remaining that caused further pain and infection. They did not have antibiotics and they suffered from lack of healthcare services.

Participating at the health fair in Montgomery County, he felt the “third world” experience to the same arena of the first world USA.

He brought to the health fair the latest technology that easily adoptable to the needs of the residents. The staff was professional and they were committed continue providing quality dental care for all residents.

His wife volunteers at the Bethesda Food Bank and she told him the non-profit run out food. They plan to organize their neighbors in fundraising to restock the food bank. His concern of the blossoming of the COVID-19 in the Winter is troublesome. He said: “our residents are on thin ice, we have to prepare ourselves to prevent from major health and social crises.

Dr. Mantoni and the American Diversity Group are working together to provide quality healthcare services for the essential workers and for the uninsured County residents. It is a commitment of social contract to care for the residents living in our community.

September Data Upto Today 09/28/2020

Data: For the Dental Van 40 patients were seen from 9 to 5

Another Silver Spring Dentist

Dentist Silver Spring New Hampshire Avenue we had two Major Dental Procedure. (Thriving Germantown) patient.

Bethesda Location Dentist: 44 Patients so far have been seen

Total 86 Patients in September. Appointments are still continuing to grow.

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